Old Relationships, New Identities

September 05, 2016

Neha Panchamiya is the co-founder of RESQ, a not-for-profit organization that works towards the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and sick animals in Pune. A very dear friend of mine, and someone with whom I share a strange and incomprehensible connect with.

An animal rescuer at day and a Graphic Designer at night, the stunning logo and brand identity that Woven Mysteries is known for today is Neha’s creation. Neha at her creative best managed to translate the essence of Woven Mysteries into a logo that is elegant, timeless and full of grandeur…just what Woven Mysteries is known for.

And thus, my first blog had to be about her. When I first met her a couple of years ago, she was her natural self, sporting track pants and a T-shirt and I was dressed up looking like a fashion designer, completely over dressed in comparison. If one had to compare to outwardly appearances, there was possibly nothing common between us.

We do not spend much time together but every conversation with her gives me something to be excited about and leaves me inspired to create something new.
What we do have in common is our first love, animals…dogs. I have over 40 in my home and she rescues over 400 a month. A common love leaves us plenty to talk about regardless of our varied lives.

Not just the creator of Woven Mysteries new identity but a selfless human being who feels the pain of an animal and is fiercely blunt when it comes to protecting them; a person who single handedly runs the show with an able team at RESQ which rescues more than 400 animals a month in and around Pune and is one of the best known animal welfare organization in India. I feel so proud of her for what she has built over the years following her own path, which is not understood by many. When I saw her in the midst of the RESQ Centre looking out for every little detail to take care of an injured animal, I fought that tear which was threatening to fall. Watching her that day changed the way I looked at her…lives could be trusted with her because she was passionate, and so Woven Mysteries the brand, most certainly could.

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